Sunday, September 23, 2007

new blog

Well here I am beginning a new blog. I ask myself why and realize how childish and immature I am. Basically I couldn't stand so few comments. So as anyone who reads this blog will see, there isn't a comment option. That's right, no one can leave comments. You see, when commenting is an available option and people don't comment, I feel sick wondering why. Doesn't matter how often I hear "I'm just uncomfortable commenting," I still take it personally, like it's rejection. So I start a new blog.

I have printed off my previous blog. I've been blogging for a few years. It's a wonderful way to journal my family life. My printed off blog books are invaluable to me. I cherish the memories I've captured in them. I didn't want to quit blogging, I just want to go "underground" -- keep blogging but more secretly. If some of my readers from find their way over here, kudos to them. If not, that's fine too. Expectations of my readers will be eliminated with the "no comment" availability.

So, with this new blog, I shall continue to record family life. Readers are great, but now I won't feel the rejection of few comments. That is reason to celebrate. :-)


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