Sunday, September 23, 2007

voice of reason

Rachael is an adolescent now and this has brought challenges our way already. She's in a new school and doing famously, if you're not the parent. From another person's perspective, she might look like she's excelling, but from my perspective, she's not really comfortable in her own skin. She's always been confident and level headed. Now she's really hung up on looks, being liked, etc, etc. Her teacher told us last week that she's kind of the queen bee among the girls and the boys are very taken by her. This scares me. I don't want her to be popular. I want her to have a few good friends, but not have the pressure of popularity.

I've expressed this in a few different ways of late. It seems the only one whose really caught what I'm saying is 8-year-old Deborah. Yesterday morning I heard Deborah lecturing Rachael on the risks of being popular. She gave a pretty good summary of what I've told them over the past little while.

Gordon and I were slightly taken aback by her understanding. Gordon quipped, "You know you've got teenagers when your 8-year-old is the voice of reason."

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