Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 lives

I'm having a great time with Stephanie and John Mark and of course Romie Boy. Steph, JM and I have laughed lots. Romie Boy is so cute, cuddly, and sweeter than honey. He has definitely charmed this grandma. I love him so much.

Stephanie is a woman, a real woman. Wife, mother, nurse, cook, cleaner,... I'm so thankful that she is able to be home with Roman most of the time. She only works a couple nights a week and Roman is with John Mark during those times. I'm proud of them for their priorities.

I went to Christopher's last weekend. I enjoyed him enormously. I went to his football game and mourned that I couldn't go to more. I got a tour of his dorm room and a quick tour of the campus. It was a long drive there, but so very worth it.

My time in Arkansas is coming to an end soon. Stacie will be here in a couple days. I can't wait to see her. All the family is getting together at Diane's then. I'll see nearly everyone. We'll laugh our heads off, no doubt.

I miss my hubby and girls up in Canada. How I wish we all lived closer. Last night I cried thinking about leaving here. How can I leave? How can I not? Life can be so hard. I am tired to death of living two lives, having two families. I want us all together. Will God make a way?

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