Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a Hannah note

I found another note, this one from sweet Hannah. She wrote: "Dear Mom, I bet your having a good time. And I bet romy boy looks so cute. Here's some things that I want: some chapter books, some Arcensa candy and a big kiss when you get home. Don't forget lipgloss. its time to go. Love ya'll. Bye Mom, SMOOCH, Sincerely Hannah"

Hannah has phoned me more than the others. I sure love hearing her sweet voice. She has lots of stories to tell when we talk. Speaking of stories, the first Sunday I was here, Hannah broke her arm. Yep, at church, doing back flips. She jokes that it's my fault because if I'd been there I wouldn't have let her do flips at church.

Some guy made this astute observation that makes me smile. He said he grew up in an era where everything was the kid's fault and his kids are growing up in an era where everything is the parent's fault. He said he couldn't win. Funny.

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