Friday, November 9, 2007

Motherly Lucy

As you all know, I love my sweet dogs very much. Lucy is a beloved Basset Hound cross and has a most wonderful disposition. She has never had puppies, but certainly she would have been a great mother.

Hannah recently bought an expensive ($35) fake dog. It's a Rottweiler puppy that "breaths." It is very realistic looking, rolled up in a little ball sleeping, steadily breathing. She named him Hoot.

Hoot has a little bed that he sleeps in on Hannah's bed. On Hoot's first day here, Hannah put him to bed on her bed. Later when she went to check on him, he was gone. She mildly panicked afraid the real dogs had destroyed him. (The dogs have destroyed their share of people toys.)

She got on her knees to look under the bed. (Lucy's "private place" is under Hannah's bed.) There she found Lucy and Hoot. Motherly Lucy had Hoot in a protected spot by her chest lovingly licking him.

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