Tuesday, November 13, 2007


When I was with Stephanie I was looking at panties at the store. I picked up a set of 5 thongs that all had a phrase on them. One pair said "kiss me," another said "love me," and that was the idea. I pretended that I was buying them for Stephanie. She knew I wasn't really buying them so she enlightened me on her ideas on the pantie subject.

"I don't do panties with messages," she said. When I asked why she said, "Well if my panties are on that's where they're staying. If they're off, well, that's the message."

PS I'm sure some of you wonder if I destroy all my relationships with some of my blog entries. But for the record I clear most of my topics with whoever they're about. And since it's mostly family who reads this, I usually get the go ahead. Stephanie and I have a running understanding that when she says something personal she ends it with "don't blog that one." And another for the record, you wouldn't believe the stories that haven't got the "all clear." Now those are the really good stories. :-)))))

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