Wednesday, November 14, 2007

War Eagle

Last night I was cleaning out my purse and came across the last of my US money from my trip down there.

When I went there I had a small wad of traveler's cheques. About 1 1/2 weeks before I came back home, I used the last one. I had a Visa and a bank card with me, so I had access to more money, but the money I planned for spending money was used up.

When I gave the cashier lady my last $50 traveler's cheque, she gave me $2.83 in change. For some reason I got terribly tickled right there. Stephanie was beside me and I showed her my wealth and said, "This has to do me till I get back to Canada." I laughed at my remark till I couldn't hardly stand myself.

The next day Stephanie and I headed out to the middle of nowhere to a gigantic craft sale called War Eagle. It's like really really big, but Stephanie and I didn't know just how big it was. We drove and drove sure we had the wrong directions. Then seriously in the middle of nowhere we came to this huge mass of tents, cars, parking directors and the like. We surely weren't expecting such a big deal. We had assumed that the place we were going would have ATM machines and be closer to civilization. We were mildly stressed by the overwhelm of being so much farther from home than we anticipated, the huge crowd, no money, and getting there just an hour before closing time.

We quickly shot through the big tents. We knew it closed soon and we had no desire to get stuck in the traffic leaving. Thus we rushed through the tents. War Eagle was amazing, way too amazing for one hour of shopping. But we were committed to not getting caught in the traffic of hundreds of cars leaving the middle of nowhere.

We were starving too. There was roasted corn-on-the-cob and I wanted one. I was shocked to learn one ear of corn was $4. I don't remember what Stephanie was thinking about getting, but it didn't matter. She had $1 in cash. I still had my $2.83.

Once we saw that our money would buy us nothing and confirmed that the concessions didn't take bank cards I said, "Well if we pool our money, maybe we can buy a tootsie roll."

We were in and out of Arkansas's biggest craft sale in 43 minutes.

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