Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lexie's Lingerie

I have a friend, let's call her Lexie. Lexie is about my size (size 6/7). Baw-haaaaa. Actually she shops in an "above average" store. Last week was her husband's birthday. I guess she has a tradition of buying herself lingerie on his birthday. She's of a modest persuasion and hates actually going into a store to buy underwear, much less lingerie. But she does,-- evidently every year for her hubby's birthday. She discreetly chooses something, tries it on, and tries to pay for it without being noticed.

So last week she went through this ordeal. She turned beet-red as she relayed the embarrassing experience to me.

She picked out the lingerie that she wanted and tried it on. It fit. She was relieved not to have to go back to that section of the store. She got in line to pay. The lady being checked out was buying sexy nighties too. She was a large lady and didn't mind the mental imagery games that talking about the purchase would provide. She spoke openly about how this piece was for her boyfriend but that it would be a few days before she saw him. She got the opinions of those around her, should she or should she not send a picture of herself in this nightie to him via email. Would that be cruel since he couldn't have her for a few days? Ugh.

Evidently this loosened up the atmosphere at the till. Lexie laid her lingerie choice on the desk. The lady opposite her yelled, "Wooohooo, is someone gonna have a good time tonight!!" Lexie about died as the clerk held up her sexy piece for everyone to see. As she held it up she loudly asked, "Are you gonna get some black pumps too?" Without waiting for Lexie's response (thankfully), she went on to loudly tell Lexie how good this nightie was going to look on her.

Lexie very near died right there. But she was able to whisper, "You're embarrassing me." The lady became apologetic telling Lexie she was a beautiful woman who had nothing to be ashamed of. The ladies began to boast about how good they felt about themselves and Lexie said she wanted to say, "Look I don't want to be a member of your 'Proud to be Fat Club.'"

Lexie survived the experience and after 4 or 5 days was able to laugh when she told me about it.