Saturday, January 5, 2008

2007 Accomplishments

Be warned, this post is boring for anyone other than myself. However this blog is my record keeping system and I want these things to be recorded in an easy-to-get-to way. When I look at 2007's accomplishments, I see so clearly that it's the baby steps that make a difference. So I am about to list a whole lot of weird little things that I have affectionately dubbed my baby steps. (I learned recently that being told "you're weird" is a common experience for those with bi-polar disorder. I've been told that a number of times and when you read this list, you will think, "she's weird." I know, because I've shared a few of these baby steps with others and as their eyes glazed over, just before they hit the floor in a death like sleep, they uttered the profound words of encouragement, "you're weird.") So you have been warned, should you not wish to be bored, don't continue to read. On the other hand if my baby steps might encourage you, please continue.

Body Department:
- Began parking far from entrances to force myself into more physical activity. It worked like a charm and has become a habit.
- Radically increased my fruit and vegetable intake. I modified nearly all my recipes to include vegetables.
- Started buying more low sodium items.
- Started rinsing canned vegetables to eliminate some of the sodium. (Did you know canned veggies have lots of added salt?)
- Developed a taste for V8, low-sodium V8 of course.
- All Bran is the only cereal I buy now.
- Started reading food labels (and actually "get it").
- Started taking calcium supplements.

Environmental Department:
- Reduced family meat intake. Two or three evening meals per week are meatless.
- Didn't use my clothes dryer all summer and into the fall. I line dried my clothes.
- Gave up candles. I still love them but chose to keep our house air purer. I don't know if it changes anything.
- Didn't use my car air conditioning all summer. Even in 100 degrees, I used my windows. On our holidays to the coast, the family out-voted me and we used the ac. That was it.
- Never idled my van in the cold. I put fleece blankets in the van and when I have to wait in the van, I use a blanket rather than run the engine.
- Always use canvas bags for grocery shopping instead of plastic.
- Made cloth gift bags for Christmas "wrap" to use year after year.
- Used the dishwasher four times all year.

- Got Deborah and Hannah into piano lessons.
- Got house renos and updates done.
- Read lots and lots expanding my repertoire of writers and styles.
- Wrote my great aunt Alta several times.
- Had no major "set-to's" with anyone (except Gordon and everyone knows we're happily incompatible).
- Worked one year at the fabric store and bettered my sewing skills in so doing.
- Had my Christmas shopping done well before Christmas.
- Eliminated more clutter from the house.
- Didn't "lose it" with rage when someone majorly violated me.
- Developed the habit of scrubbing bathroom on Tuesdays.
- Found Shelly and Odetta, dear friends from youth.
- Handled Rachael's rebellion relatively well and reaped the rewards.



Anonymous *mindi* said...

okay, i'm weird because i LOVED reading this list.

it gave me some ideas, and some of it made me really admire you.

only one made me think, ugh. and not in a "you're weird" way, but in a "i can't believe she can bypass all the GOOD cereal for ALL-BRAN. ugh".

i love the fleece blankets in the car idea. the difference is you are in CANADA and i'm in texas, so that is a way bigger deal for you to do that.

one thing that i've done this year that i'm proud of and was encouraged by you to do so was to give up Wal-Mart.

i didn't completely give it up (those 3am runs to the store for random things when no other stores were open, and trips when i was in arkansas and there are no other stores) but i have moved all of my grocery and household shopping to a local grocery store and drugstore. and of course the occasional target run.

living in a large city definitely made that decision so much easier. i don't know how (or if i could) do it if i still lived in mena.

January 7, 2008 at 10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mindi, shhhh, I have a WalMart employee in the family now. I can't talk bad about the mega-conglomerate-that-puts-Ma-and-Pops-out-of-business-throughout-the-developed-world-store any more.

I love Bran Flakes now. Couldn't live without em, it seems.

January 7, 2008 at 11:07 AM  
Anonymous *mindi* said...

i guess i enjoy bran flakes too. if they're mixed with raisins and covered with sugar.

oh wait, that's Raisin Bran. :)

January 9, 2008 at 7:07 AM  
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