Wednesday, January 9, 2008

anne lamott

I just finished a book by Anne Lamott. She is a Christian lady who is a writer. Notice I didn't say she is a Christian writer. That's because I wouldn't want to mislead anyone into thinking she is anything like other Christians they may ever read. She is everything I grew up hearing was "un-Christian" personified. I have no doubt about her authenticity, but I'm telling you, she says some things that would make my fundalmentalists ancestors roll over in their graves and kick up a storm too.

I love Anne Lamott. She is radical. She is irreverent. She is relevant. She is hilarious. She is refreshing. I don't believe everything she writes, but I agree with a whole lot and since she makes me laugh, I actually like to read lots of her stuff.

Anne has a troubled background. She's been an alcoholic, addicted to drugs, promiscuous, had an abortion, had affairs, .... She's pretty well covered the bases, and she doesn't deny any of it. This latest book I read is called "Traveling Mercies, Some Thoughts on Faith." She's a Christian and the book is about her faith in God, but I'm pretty sure a Christian bookstore wouldn't carry any of Anne's books. She's not that kind of Christian.

So if you're feeling like stepping out of the normal Christian literature zone, check out Anne. You may really like her.



Anonymous mindi said...

dustin bought an Anne Lamott book for my birthday this past year. I think mine was called "grace eventually: thoughts on faith"

i really enjoyed it. it wasn't what i expected. i just thought it was another little devotional from a christian lady, and wondered why dustin would buy me another one of those (they tend to bore me, i'm a little ashamed to admit)

i was a little surprised, it is not at all like that. it wasn't my favorite, but it was worth the little time it took to read it. i will definitely check out a few more of her books to see if she's somebody i will really like or not.

January 13, 2008 at 8:06 PM  

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