Friday, January 18, 2008

jobs and frosting

It's been a bit of a wild week around here. I've been job hunting and that is always interesting when you're mi-mi-mi-middle aged and been out of the work force for years. I got a small job early in the week. This "small job" is my spending money. More on that later.

The real job I was supposed to hear back about yesterday. I carried the phone with me to the bathroom so as not to miss anything. Finally today I called them and was told it may be Monday before they'd know. I took that as, "You crazy idiot, why would we hire someone fat and ugly and unable to make coherent conversation?"

Defeated, I told myself positive self affirmations. That didn't work so I went and got some creamy chocolate fudge frosting. I practiced self control and only ate 10, 20, maybe 30 bites. While debating purge/don't purge the phone rang. (I didn't purge, I'm still grossly over-chocolated). I got the real job. Yeah, I guess I really awed them with my amazing job-hunting-prowess. Just joking, the person they really wanted didn't apply, just joking again.

Bad news is I don't start till February 4. What is my job you ask. Well it's the only job that I really wanted. I've scoured the papers and internet and none of the jobs excited me, none but this one. It's closely related to what I did pre-Dykstra days. There's some writing, event coordination, creating promo material. That's what the ad said anyway. In practice I'll probably be an office janitor. Just joking. I am so happy with the idea of bringing my skills back up to speed. I asked for a hefty little wage and I got it AND they said I'd get a raise in three months.

And did I mention this job is only 4 hours a day. Yes, that's right. This job seems so perfect for me. I pray it's everything I think it is. I am very very happy.

Gordon and I do finances a bit different than most people. Our real jobs put money in the family account but we have other sources for our spending/allowance money. That money we can use however we wish. My discretionary money comes from my other brand new job. It's working with new moms helping them adjust to motherhood. In all truthfulness, it's glorified child-care. I go in and exhausted new mom goes for a nap while I hold newborn. Something like that anyway. I have as few or as many clients as I want. I've taken one family and the 1 year old is handicapped and there is a new one too. This job pays pretty well for what it is. I will do this 4 hours a week, but I can add hours anytime I want to. Say I decide I want a Porsche, I just pick up a few more shifts. Easy as can be....

AND on the subject of jobs, Gordon got a promotion this week. He's so amazing. He got a significant little raise too. Wow, all this money. What shall we do with it all???

PS About 20% of this post was pure baloney. The porsche, all the money talk, etc...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm so happy you got the job bc I know you really wanted it. Selfishly, I like knowing you are there at home so I can talk to you whenever I want. But, this is good and you'll get to begin to use new and different you.


January 20, 2008 at 3:34 PM  
Anonymous *mindi* said...

i'm so happy for you valerie! i'm really good at spending money, so you just let me know if you need some help in that department.

and chocolate frosting is just about as good as a real live therapist. and SO much cheaper.

shoot, with all the money i've saved by choosing chocolate over therapists all these years i may buy myself a porsche...

January 23, 2008 at 9:44 PM  

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