Wednesday, February 20, 2008

family tree

Recently I sent a couple family tree diagrams to an aunt. Not having shared that information a great deal, I was puzzled that I felt uneasy. It wasn't long till I remembered an incident from my youth that explains the discomfort.

I had a second or third cousin that was into genealogy. She was from California and I met her one time. I was a child. She, a young adult, had traced our family history back a billion or so years. I was fascinated and wanted to hear her stories, which she seemed eager to share. Even as a child I was intrigued to know I had a bloodline that went way further back than just the people in Memaw and Padad's living room. I could have listened to her stories at length, whether or not I understood them.

After this cousin left my grandmother's house, I asked why no one cared about all that incredible stuff she knew. In unison all the adults in the room let out breaths of incredulous scoff. I didn't "get it" and pressed. My mom finally spoke, seeimingly representing all the adults. "Well mercy. She's traced us back to Jesus Christ."

Now I know she hadn't really traced us back to Jesus - that was Mom-ese talk for she's traced us way far back and I don't believe much of it at all. At the time, I couldn't understand why Mama wasn't excited to be a relative of Jesus.

So I guess my unease regarding sharing my genealogy research basically boils down to fear of someone saying scornfully, "she's traced us back to Jesus Christ." But for the record, I haven't. As far as I know we aren't related in that sort of way.



Blogger Jones said...

ah, but you ARE a child of God anyways so who cares about all the people in between....LOL

February 20, 2008 at 3:09 PM  

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