Saturday, March 1, 2008

rush hour traffic

Yesterday during rush hour I was in the innermost left lane pulled into a busy intersection waiting my opportunity to turn left. Simultaneously, two semis roared by shaking my van and casting a ominous shadow (as in the valley of the shadow of death) on me. One went past on my left, the other rumbled past my right having turned in front of me. I shuddered in my little fork between them thinking about the margin of error I had not built into my turn.

That thought quickly led to a cute Christopher moment. Several years ago he and I were at a similar fork downtown during rush hour. I pulled into the intersection as two lanes sped toward us, turning (their left) right in front of us.

Christopher was hunkered down a bit in the passenger seat. His hand was on his forehead as if ready to cover his eyes before impact. As cars sped past us - all of them looking like they were coming right toward us - Christopher drawled, "I'm about to pee my pants."

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