Friday, April 18, 2008

Hannah's New Job

I hate to brag on my kids, (as in I love to brag on my kids but that seems proud so saying I hate to brag on my kids before shamelessly doing so makes it appear humbler). Hannah is remarkably confident in some areas and it's nearly amazing. She has so much initiative in certain areas and I find myself wondering where on earth she got it. I was 16 before I was brave enough to push the button at Sonic and talk into that little speaker. Well Hannah isn't cut out of that piece of cloth.

Hannah's greatest passion is animals. Recently I heard her on the phone asking for a job. I dropped what I was doing to go look and listen. There she sat on her bed with the Yellow Pages in her lap. Without a hint of self-consciousness, she phoned every place that she could find and told whoever answered the phone her name, her age, her love for animals, and that she was looking for a volunteer job with animals. (She opted to say volunteer because she knew she was too young for a paying job at those places.)

She got a (volunteer) job at a horse stable. She worked her buns off this past Saturday and is going back tomorrow. She led ponies around while birthday party kids rode them. She groomed horses. She cleaned saddles, fed goats, shoveled ca-ca, and I don't know what else. I sat at a nearby picnic table and took small walks the whole six hours. From a distance I could see her glowing, smiling, practically sparkling in her glory. Filthy, smelling like goats, slightly sunburned cheeks, she was radiant with joy. I was so proud.

On the drive home right after telling me about her blissful day, she laid down and nearly fell asleep. She has counted the days till Saturday all week. Tomorrow she does it again.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hannah, I'm so proud of you. It 's amazing that this opportunity came available. You go, girl!

Aunt Stacie

April 21, 2008 at 4:35 PM  

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