Wednesday, April 2, 2008

teacher Hannah, student Bear

The kids are on spring break. They're being creative. Yesterday they started "Pet Project Pound" and have successfully put a stop to animal abuse in their world, their imaginary world. It's quite cute.

Today they are teachers and their students are none other that Bear and Lucy, the faithful dogs. I thought I'd record for posterity Bear's report card:

"Bear has done an exceptional job this term. He could be an amazingly skilled pup if he were to pay more attention in class. He is easily distracted and we need to work on that tremendously. Bear showed great interest at the start but that enthusiasm soon wore off. He continuously refuses corrections and doesn't listen to his teachers. On the other hand, his sit, lie down, roll-over, stay, no, and down have been a big success. He is very well house trained I have noticed. He has good interaction with other dogs. Way to go Bear. Signed, Hannah Dykstra"

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