Saturday, May 3, 2008

the hunger site

A few days ago I read about a website called "The Hunger Site." It's a site all about feeding the hungry throughout the world. They have a fascinating thing going there. The idea is visiting the site everyday, and clicking on an orange button. Everytime the button gets clicked, money is given to the cause of feeding the poor. I signed up earlier this week. Every day I get a reminder notice to click. I open the link and click and I've benefitted the poor. Simple as anything.

If you'll go over there and sign up (and sign up to get the email reminder to "click" each day), the vendors on the site, give money to the poor every time you click.

In months perhaps we'll learn it's all been a sham. But hopefully not. And I can't think of a better way to "waste" 10 seconds of my day. Click click.

I don't feel I've explained this very well, so please please go look at the hunger site. They explain quite well how it works. Imagine actually doing something every day so simple yet powerful enough to feed someone somewhere.



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