Tuesday, June 24, 2008

happily married? i doubt it.

There's a winch that Gordon works with that invites him to coffee and lunch. I do not like this woman, mind you I've never met her. From a wife's perspective (me being the wife in this case) she's inappropriately friendly. The bitch. (Oops, I didn't mean to say that).

Anyway she sent him an email last week inviting him to lunch. I was offended. Gordon naively thinks she's just an extroverted person who loves socializing. (Pity the poor fool, will you?)

Anyway we were having this discussion in front of the kids who were equally offended that another woman asked Gordon to lunch. Gordon defended the winch with, "I really think she's happily married. She's just very social." (Again, pity the fool, will you?)

To Gordon's expression of her being happily married, I countered, "Yeah right. She's happily married like,... like,..." I couldn't think of a fitting expression. However my darling sweet Hannah, who got my intuitive wisdom, quickly came to my rescue. As I tried to articulate my disdain for this woman, Hannah piped up, "She's happily married like a praying mantis."

I love that wise child.

(For those who might not know this, once a praying mantis mates, she eats her husband.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hannah's awesome, and only a b****ask a married man to lunch...Love you mom.


June 25, 2008 at 7:54 AM  

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