Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Stacie, my bff

Today is my sister Stacie's birthday. I wrote a story a long time ago (in high school actually) that I was planning to post today. I know I have that story somewhere but it wasn't in my "Stacie file." Take heart, I will find it eventually and I'll post it then.

Stacie is my best friend. She always has time for me; always ready to laugh with me, always ready to listen to me wax less-than-eloquent about my hardships; always available to get mad at people with me.

She's very generous, actually paying me to work for her. Occasionally she'll ask me to pray for her business and I'll joke that she'll have to pay me for my time. She laughs at all my corny jokes. Some days she'll phone and ask what I'm doing and I'll chirp, just praying for your business at $12 an hour. Other times she'll want to know what I did on such and such morning and I'll say something snide like, oh just $24 worth of interceding. It means a GREAT deal to me that I have someone that I can joke that way with.

Stacie is very funny. My siblings have such wonky senses of humor and are nothing less than hoots to be around. Something this morning that has made me smile as I've thought about her is this: When someone we know and loved had an affair and left his wife, the whole lot of us were abuzz with concern, pity and compassion for the wife. During this time, we all analyzed our own marriages, evaluating if we might be next. On a drive to the grocery store, as Stacie and I were once again re-hashing what we knew about the situation and voicing our concerns for our own marriages, Stacie somberly asked, "I wonder if he's (the wayward husband) given any thought to how this has affected me?" Stacie's like that, always bringing a funny, zany spin to the table. (As if someone as selfish as this man would have given Stacie a nano-second's worth of thought regarding how his actions would affect her.)

When she was a young married woman she moved and developed a life far away. She and Jimmy had other couple friends that they played games with. They were intelligent friends. (Disclaimer: we aren't stupid, but we are much more interested in fun than philosophy and rhetoric.) Stacie was really impressed that her new friends liked intelligent games. She wanted to bring this kind of culture to our family.

The following Thanksgiving when we were all together, she wanted us to play one of her smart little games. As I recall the game went something like this: someone would open a dictionary and randomly choose a word. The other players would then write the definition of the word or if they didn't know what the word meant, they'd fake it with something that sounded intelligent. We would then decide which definition was the best or closest to the dictionary definition. Stacie was adamant, if we didn't know the meaning of the word, we had to construct plausible definitions that at least sounded like they could have come from the dictionary.

This game was fine and good among her city friends, but her family had other ideas of how the game should go. Stacie chose to be the dictionary person because she wanted to nurse us through the game, going from easy to harder.

First word. MEED. Some of Stacie's family members responded like this. "commonly used to express me in past tense," "compound usage for me and Ed." No, things weren't shaping up smart enough for Stacie. She pressed the issue telling us to "be serious."

Next word. NUDNICK. "The art of seeing Nick nude," "resident of the planet Nud." Oh it was such fun, but not nearly what Stacie wanted. She finally abated the game and with it all hopes of impressing Jimmy with our smarts.

Stacie just buzzed me on instant messenger. I told her I couldn't talk that I was writing her birthday tribute. She was impressed and willing to let me continue my "work." I quickly wrote back, "yeah, I'm telling about that time you had a dog tick in your belly button." Stacie has a poor memory. I can make up all kinds of stories about her youth and she'll wonder why she can't remember it. (So if you see Stacie today, ask her about the dog tick that once lived in her belly button. Get her really confused.)

In closing, Stacie is the best friend in the world. She supports me like no one else. She's my number 1 fan in my one-person fan club. I love her so, so much. I'm blessed beyond words to have Stacie as my best friend and sister.

I love you, Sister.

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Blogger Jeri said...

Good post, Valerie! Actually, hilarious describes it well.



June 5, 2008 at 1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Happy Birthday to Stacie - we love you dearly - hope to see you and your lovely fam in the near future!

June 6, 2008 at 9:21 AM  
Anonymous *mindi* said...

i just love it! that quote from stacie (about wondering if he thought how all this would affect ME) is one of my all time favorites.

happy birthday stacie, we love you so much!

June 6, 2008 at 9:21 PM  

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