Thursday, June 5, 2008

the hunger site

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a website called The Hunger Site. Simply clicking on the orange button feeds a hungry someone somewhere in our world. I hope you all checked it out and signed up for the daily email reminder to "Click." I receive the daily reminder to click at home and at work. Do you know how good it feels to know I've helped feed hungry people each day?

In that previous post I mentioned that perhaps one day I'd learn it was a hoax. Well guess what. It is NOT A HOAX. I've checked it out in three different places and all three confirm it's legit. Urban Legends and Folklore describe it most succinctly, so I'm quoting them here:

In the July 22, 1999 edition of the Internet Tourbus, Patrick Crispen confirmed the site's integrity through one of its sponsors: I know this whole "click on a button, feed a hungry person" story sounds too good to be true, but I called one of the Hunger Site's sponsors and they confirmed that they were indeed donating 3 cents for everyone who clicks on the site's "Donate Free Food" button. The sponsors are donating the money to generate goodwill (and, truth be told, sponsoring the Hunger Site is also a brilliant marketing move -- once someone clicks on the "Donate Free Food" button, they are taken to a page that shows a small ad for the sponsor. The click-through rates for these ads must be phenomenal!)

In response to my own inquiries, Anthea Webb of the United Nations' World Food Program confirmed that the organization indeed receives donations via the Hunger Site and characterized the project as "innovative." Says Webb, "Cash donations equivalent to more than a million servings of food have been donated since the site opened in June 1999."

Please please become a clicker. If you become a clicker, I'd love to know. You can visit the Hunger Site itself to learn more:



Anonymous *mindi* said...

i just signed up to become a clicker ;) thanks for the link.

there's another similar site, where every click is a grain of rice (you can click several times a day, i think) but i can't seem to find the link. i'll try to find it later

June 6, 2008 at 9:27 PM  

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