Saturday, August 9, 2008

living on faith

Many moons ago I spent a summer travelling in the US with a bunch of friends. One of these friends had a friend who wanted to come with us. The trouble with this plan was that this fellow, let's call him Ted, had no money. Travelling requires money, pure and simple.

I was flabbergasted that someone would do this and asked how he was going to pull this off. He said: "I'm living on faith." (Since then, to me that expression yells, "I'm a bonafide flake.") Touched, I rolled my eyes and wondered who's faith he was going to live off.

Ted figured a few things out early in our travels. He sat across from me salivating. He stared at my food and licked his lips just like my dog Lucy does when she's watching someone eat. I handle Lucy's begging eyes better than Ted's.

After a couple meals someone who didn't know Ted's financial situation said "Hey Ted, aren't you going to eat?" Ted pulled his eyes away from my burger long enough to reply, "I don't have money. I'm living on faith, Man." Perhaps you can imagine the comfortable vibes we enjoyed as we chowed down.

I took a bite and saw Ted open and close his mouth just as I put the burger in my mouth. As I chewed he licked his lips. Again, just like Lucy.

Frustrated, (and feeling manipulated), but wanting to eat guilt-free, I went and bought Ted a burger and fries. Conveniently, he chose to sit across from me at restaurants the remainder of our journey. I was delighted to part company in West Virginia.

A couple days ago, Rachael was eating ice cream. I was sitting across the table from her desperately wanting to taste her delicacy. I started imitating Lucy. I licked my lips and stared as she took each bite. Having heard the story of Ted, she snidely said, "You living on faith?"



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