Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boot Camp

Friday I finished my first week of boot camp. It was hard. I am much much worse than the other women. They are younger, thinner, and fitter. Being the worst is a humbling position to be in -- definitely not my preferred spot in the food chain. I'm always last to finish every exercise. My teammates can't stop their drill until I've completed mine. No one is ever allowed down time, everyone is constantly working.

For example, we had a drill on Friday where we ran to the first pylon then back to the starting line, did 10 push ups then ran to the 2 pylon, ran back to the starting line, did 10 push ups, then ran back to the 3rd pylon... Since I was last and everyone was so far ahead of me, they had to keep doing push ups as I'm dragging up the rear. It's humiliating enough just being last. The pressure is steep to hurry. I was on my eighth push up in my last set and thought I couldn't do another one. They were yelling at me (not angry yells, more like begging and encouraging mixed). Evidently someone in the group slacked off because I heard the instructor bark, "You can't stop until she's finished her set."

Can you see why this is on hard on me and them? Being the worst is hard (and embarrassing) but being them is equally hard.

I was basking in finishing my first week at the end of class on Friday. (In this particular instance, "basking" resembles laying on my back looking like a very big road-kill but on the inside there's a smile). Instructor quickly ruined my revelry by saying that Monday will be a hard day, our hardest yet. That wasn't how I wanted to end the week. On the positive side, knowing Monday will be harder, I'm being careful how I eat this weekend so as not to increase my hardship on Monday.

As I was running on Friday the sweat was dripping off me as if it was pouring rain. Rivulets ran down my face and my clothes were soaking. I can't imagine it getting harder. I'll let you know.



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