Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Four

Creative, I know. :-)

1) This morning I saw a maternity t-shirt that made me smile. It said, "All I wanted was a back rub." Very cute.

2) As of this morning at 6:30 I am half way through my first stint of boot camp. Lord willing I'll do this again next month. Trust me, I'd never push myself this hard without a firm instructor.

3) Mondays are the days that nearly kill me, or at least it feels like it. I asked this morning if all Mondays will be as hard as this past Monday. The answer was, "It will get harder and harder, but you'll get better and better." I hate that I'm already dreading Monday.

4) I appreciate my husband so much. This morning when I got home (after boot camp) I went and laid down for what I thought would be 20-30 minutes. Turns out I slept an hour and a half. Gordon told Rachael to get everything going this morning and to wake me when it was time to drive them to school. I was so blessed by him for telling them to let me sleep and for them for getting the morning routine done well without my involvement. I slept in and we weren't even late for school. What a treat.

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