Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

This is lame, I know. But here are thirteen things I do everyday.

1. Click for Hunger I hope you do too.

2. Go to and read my blogs.

3. Either thank God for helping me survive another day of bootcamp or bask in it being an off day.

4. Wonder what I'll make for dinner.

5. Read the news on-line, usually CNN.

6. Have a big mug of coffee.

7. Wish laundry got done automatically, you know, by the laundry fairy or some equally helpful being.

8. Talk to the four-legged creatures around here.

9. Kiss all my babies when I drop them off at school.

10. Kiss my big baby when he leaves for work.

11. Read my Bible (except on Saturdays) and pray.

12. I bet you wonder why I don't read my Bible on Saturdays. I don't know. It just never happens on Saturday.

13. Sing. I sing the most when I'm driving.



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