Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Tip of the Day

I have a tip. It's not huge, but it has freed up a bit of time. I read this tip on Mindi's blog a long time ago and never did anything about it. So my apologies to Mindi for not taking her tip seriously. I finally have and it's made a big difference.

This tip will only apply to those of you who read multiple blogs. Now instead of going to each blog personally, I just go to bloglines and they let me know when one of "my" blogs has been updated. I go to one spot and it's much easier and less time consuming.

Here's my tip: www.bloglines.com

Sign up and enter all the blogs you read or wish to read more regularly. Add bloglines.com to your favorites. Then every day go to bloglines and see if any of your people have updated. If they have, you can read it right there. If they haven't, you haven't wasted anytime looking for good reading.



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