Friday, October 10, 2008

money trivia

I read these little statistics on Get Rich Slowly and found them mildly fascinating. I am soooo not normal. If I ever have $104 in my purse, something is up, like I'm travelling or about to make a "cash only" purchase. Here are some stats:

96% of women carry a purse or a wallet. (I'm normal).

61% of men carry a wallet, while 6% use a money clip, and about 20% carry cash loose in pockets. (Gordon's normal, so are most of the men I know).

The average purse or wallet contains about $104. (I'm so not average).

13% of American adults use a piggy bank, while 28% collect change in a jar.(What? Only 13% have a piggy bank? I have a lovely pink piggy bank and it stays pretty well stocked with coins. That's how I pay for all my little things. Since only 13% have piggy banks, I guess I'm not normal in this department either).

Just over 15% of Americans keep a serious stash of cash around the house — about half of these hide it, while the other half keeps it someplace obvious. (Just occasionally will I have a stash hidden, but my idea of a stash is 20 or 40 bucks).

Another third of the population keeps a small amount of cash on hand for emergencies. (That's Gordon's job, not mine :).

More than half of us don’t keep any extra cash in the house at all. (Finally, I'm normal).



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