Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanksgiving 23 A Speaking Engagement

Sometimes the changes in me make me stop and wonder, "Who are you Girl?" I used to be terrified to speak in public. I had to do it on occasion and I covered those times with prayer, fasting, and a good amount of nervous sickness. Sometimes I think, "Wow, look at how I've matured," other times I think my www friend Joan has the right idea. See what I mean by that by clicking here.

A few nights ago I had the honor of speaking to a ladies group (Women's Ministry). Amazingly I wasn't nervous. I often hear what a great sense of humor I've got and how well I tell a story. I've accepted that perhaps these things are gifts that I'm supposed to use. Out on a limb, I started my little talk to a bunch of church ladies with this story and then this story. It worked. My audience laughed lots. One old lady had tears running down her face.

I spoke on how I have a lot of joy in my life but how misleading it would be to not tell the other side of my life. I shared my submission to the book called Six Word Memoir. Then I shared this stuff and other bits from my life. And I ended with this.

It went well. (Of course I laid awake that night tormenting myself with, "You are such an idiot." "Never before has one so stupid had a mike in front of them." "When word spreads, even more people will know what an ass you are." Sweet thoughts, oh such nice things played through my brain).

After the event was over and people were mingling, several ladies told me some snippets of their story. I'm always touched by what the person across the room has been through. Everyone, every single person, has a story to tell. Some people haven't plunged the depths of their souls and therefore can't articulate their story, but I am convinced that everyone doesn't just have a story, but that everyone has an interesting story. I'm glad to have regurgitated my story enough to be able to articulate some of it. I hope and pray that no matter what may happen in my life I'll always be able to cling to the Romans 8:28 factor; that I'll always be able to comfort myself by saying, "Every thing that's happened so far in my life, God has brought good out of. He will do the same in this situation too."



Blogger Jones said...

I'm sure you did a fabulous job but aren't we all so quick to judge ourselves and put ourselves down? I want to stand up and cheer for you, maybe wave a flag! OK, I'm still in my pj's and don't have a flag but you get the idea...way to go! OH, and thanks for quoting my old lady saying...........LOL!

November 1, 2008 at 10:40 AM  

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