Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanksgiving 14

Recently a girlfriend from high-school and I re-connected through Facebook. She and I were rebels together and I’m glad that her life simmered down like mine did. Both of us are committed to following God and committed to our families. When I think about who we were as teenagers, I’m very thankful God brought us through those years fairly intact. Furthermore God gave us good sense to try and train our children to live differently than we did. My kids and her’s have chosen higher paths and I’m thankful to God.

Years ago my mom received a “still small voice” Word from God. I believe it was bang on and it comforts and encourages me regularly. (I may get the words all wrong, but I think I’ve got the idea right.) My mom was going through a time of healing and was reflecting on her own parents’ lives and their upbringing. As she thought about how they had been brought up, the baggage they carried and subsequently the baggage they gifted their kids with, she prayed for her kids and that the cycle would be broken. I don’t remember the wording, but the gist of what she heard from God was that every generation would progressively get more whole. The one phrase that I think I remember accurately is this one: “and your grandchildren will go free.”

My great grandparents had lots of baggage. My grandparents had lots of baggage, but probably less than their parents. My parents had their share of baggage but still less than their parents. My siblings and I have our baggage, but I like to think that we too have less than our parents. And finally I see so many chains broken on the next generation. Yeah they have baggage, but a whole lot less than I had/have. My kids, and my nieces and nephews, had healthy upbringings for the most part. I look at them all and am sooo thankful that I see much evidence of wholeness.

Re-connecting with Paula and seeing the spiritual and emotional health that her girls and my kids take for granted, I’m thankful beyond words that God’s grace has penetrated mine and Paula’s lives and especially the lives of our children.



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