Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanksgiving 15 - 19

15. I’m thankful for this blog. You may think that’s silly, but it’s a wonderful record for my family. I have captured many memories here and those memories are very valuable to me. This blog gives me an outlet and I’d consider it one of my fondest hobbies.

16. I’m thankful for the girls’ schools. They are in good schools – next year they’ll all be in the same school as Deborah’s class moves on to Rachael and Hannah’s school. They have caring, supportive teachers and Rachael and Deborah have good friends from good homes. (Hannah doesn’t have the quality friendships that Rachael and Deborah have, but I’ve decided she has made that choice and it doesn’t break my heart like it used to. Hannah and Rachael are best friends and that seems to be enough for Hannah.)

17. I’m thankful for Gordon’s leadership. I think I have the best husband in the world (and I appreciate that you think your husband is the best. I think that is the way it’s supposed to be.) We are presently casting the net into unknown territory and it should scare me. There’s a bit of fear there, but I know I’m not the only one praying about it. I know that Gordon is seeking God’s wisdom and wouldn’t be foolish and knowingly jeopardize our family. I’m thankful that I can trust Gordon this way. He is an amazing husband and father, but this week it’s his leadership qualities that I’m appreciating so much. (Regarding that casting the net thing, I’ll let you know about that once we know for sure what is happening.)

18. I am thankful for my aged van. She just keeps going. A few months back I thought she was coming to the end of her life. But after having her see the doctor we learned all that was wrong was a tiny rubber thingy had worn out. It was a $12 part and Gordon was able to fix it. My van is 12 years old and has 250,000 kilometers (150K+ miles) but she’s still chuggin’ away, still reliable and I’m grateful. She’s not the prettiest car in the lot, but she’s been paid off for a long long time.

19. I’m thankful that Gordon is a great fix-it guy. He can fix almost anything that needs fixing. He’s saved us thousands of dollars, no doubt.



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