Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy US Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving family and friends south of the border. Today may be the last of my Thanksgiving posts. Remember I was posting thanks from Canadian Thanksgiving to US Thanksgiving. So technically that ends today however it is a good practice any time of year and I'm considering keeping it going. Your thoughts on that??

Yesterday Rachael told me they were discussing thanks at school and the teacher said that we all want more than we're thankful for. That revealed a lot about the teacher (unless she was just trying to get the kids to open up which is altogether possible). My wish list is so very short and pretty inexpensive too. I haven't bought the black socks, can opener, and hand towels simply because it's nearly Christmas time and these are the items on my wish list from the girls. If I really think hard -- which I've done this morning just to see if I could come up with a bigger list -- I can think of a few more things and they are definitely pricier. (A carbon paddle for dragon boating, new pfd (personal flotation device) for dragon boating, new jeans, garage or carport (the one unfortunate thing about the new house), but I've been thinking and I honestly can't think of more wants. I can go on and on and on about things I'm thankful for though. (#39) I'm thankful for this mentality. I don't mean it proud, I mean it sincerely.

My dad was involved in a car accident on Tuesday. It was a huge deal for him and really could have been very serious. He has a lot of soreness but no serious injuries. (Don't tell him I said his injuries weren't serious). 40) I'm thankful he wasn't hurt any worse.
This morning before I left to take Deborah to school, a friend dropped by to see the new house. That was cool. She oohed and awed nicely and I was blessed. She offered to take Deborah to school so I had an 41)unexpected hour to sit and be thankful. (Thanks Lydia). I sat there thinking of my family down south who no doubt have a grand day of festivities planned. I thought of the laughter, good conversation and great food I'm missing. But I smiled the whole time I thought about it just because they're 42)my family and I'm thankful for them.

After a bit of meditating on thanks I put on a load of clothes, dusted, and washed down the bathroom. I was so blessed by that extra hour to sit alone in my new house for the first time and listen to the washer hum and the clock tick. I revel in peace and quiet and it was nothing short of a revelling time for me. I sat and smiled.

43) Did I mention my new Maytag washer? Actually it's not brand new, it's 7 years old. She's not one of those modern pieces of art, she's just a regular white top-loading washer. But since my old washer is 37 years old, this one seems like quite the washer. The old Maytag is still at the other house, still going strong, left there for the renters. I'm still curious about how long she'll live.

44) I've biked 120 kilometers so far this month. My goal is 200 and I'm obviously woefully behind. But I'm thankful for the 110. I'm thankful that God put this get physical notion in my head. I've been sedentary for years and 2008 has been a great year for turning that around. I don't think anyone could accuse me of being sedentary any more. I've mentioned it before but it's worth mentioning again. I've prayed for so long that God would change my heart, that He'd help me learn to love physical activity. He's done just that and it's a huge answer to prayer. It's not my work or tenacity, it's been His work. I honestly don't have words to express how grateful I am for that.

45) This morning when I got to work I had this email waiting for me. It's a blog entry from someone I don't know but subscribe to. I think this idea is so cool. I decided that if I got a card like this it would say,
--Follower of Jesus Christ
--Wife to Gordon, my best friend
--Mom to 5 delightful kids
--Lover of Peace and Simplicity
--Blessed Beyond Belief

Life is good. It's been a good morning to sit and think just how good it is and how blessed I am. Often I measure my good life by how much more I have than others. I think about the hungry children in the world and feel guilty for being thankful that it's them and not my kids. What a horrible confession, but it's true. I grieve for them but that grief drives me to be more thankful for my own kids' good life.

I think of the 5-year-olds who have to work to help feed their family and I'm overcome with sadness for them and thanks for me. It makes no sense to me how hard they have it and how good I have it. And it sure makes no sense how little they have and how much our culture consumes and is still driven by want for more. Surely in the next world there will be a reckoning. Maybe God will even things out, maybe they have something special on the other side that those of us who've never known true hunger won't get. I hope so.

My Christopher announced to Stephanie last week that blogs are over-rated. "They're so melodramatic," he said. :-) This post is certainly that and I apologize for the dramatic expressions of thanks. It's not exciting stuff but it's such a good day to express thanks for some little things.

Give thanks with a grateful heart.



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