Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving 26-35

Thank you friends and family for your kind regards and patience during my move. Yes, we are in our new house and I absolutely LOVE it. My camera doesn't do the wide angle thing so I'm having a hard time getting pictures to share. Pictures coming soon, some way, some how.

Thanksgiving 26) I am really thankful for the new house. The kitchen is smaller and the pantry is smaller but in other areas it either feels bigger or is bigger. It looks tiny from the outside, but the house is deep.

27) Our movers didn't show up. There was a bit of a mix up and on Saturday morning, moving day, we woke up to NO movers. Gordon rented a truck and he and I moved us entirely by ourselves. Good times. Good times.

I'm very thankful that I had the strength needed to do this very big job. "Sometimes my own strength scares me." Click here to find out why I say such a thing. I had visions of Gordon sitting on the porch with his head in his hands crying like a baby. I was so glad I got to keep him from breaking down. :-) I'm not joking or bragging, I'm just saying I'm thankful I had the strength to help him and that we were kept safe.

28) I'm very thankful that the move is behind us. We still have to get the deep freeze from one basement to the next, but I'm still recuperating. It will come in due time.

29) Gordon and I didn't move the piano. Our piano is over 100 years old and is an upright grand. It weighs 3000 pounds. Two moving guys spent 5 hours getting it from one house to the other and I was major stressed. First I was stressed for the safety of the piano, then I got totally scared for the movers' lives. They were in positions that could get them killed. Thankfully the piano and the movers finished safely, although the window by the front door didn't fare so well. Broken. But the young movers are fine and I'm thankful.

30) I love to hear Deborah play the piano. She has talent and I feel such joy listening to her music. I'm thankful for her love for music.

31) I've been remembering some Christopher stories and enjoying the memories. Once we were travelling from Edmonton to Cranbrook and through one section there was some strong livestock smells. As we drove, 4 year old Christopher rolled down his window and hung his head out and yelled at the horses: "Horses stop stinkin'!"

32) During a long spell in Christopher's boyhood, he couldn't say the l sound. L's were pronounced as w's. Yellow was yewwow. Lizard was wizard.

Christopher was fond of his cousin Ben, who he called Bean. Once when he was three he was playing in the living room when my sister Diane and her four kids pulled in the driveway. Beside himself with excitement, Christopher ran in circles saying, "Howey Mowie, there's Bean." This weekend when things would surprise or excite me, I let out a "Howey Mowie, there's Bean."

33) My little lawn manger scene is complete. My friend Trudy finished painting it last week. I'll be decorating in a couple weeks and am so glad to finally have a manger scene for the outside. They are extremely rare here, so I'm very happy to have one.

34) In the office building next to mine is a new little puppy. The bookkeeper brings the puppy to work with her. I get daily doses of smiles as the puppy gets taken outside throughout the day to do her business. She is so adorable.

35) I got a new toothbrush. Actually we all got new toothbrushes. In the old house I told Gordon that I couldn't wait to get a new toothbrush. It seems that we were having boundary issues regarding toothbrushes. I didn't even know which toothbrush was mine. Toothbrushes were a free-for-all. We all used whichever one we grabbed first. I was looking so forward to correcting this in the new house. As if she'd been a fly on the wall and overheard that conversation, I received a package of 5 toothbrushes from my sister-in-law Lawana. I was so excited. We all were. Now we guard our toothbrushes and no one shares. Life is good.

These are my thanks for today. There are many more where those came from but those will do for now, eh?

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Blogger Jones said...

you done good and so prompt too! great fun to read as always, i always feel the joy in your heart when you write about things. that's a good thing.

November 19, 2008 at 2:14 PM  
Blogger Valerie Dykstra said...

Jones, had I anymore joy, I'd be fartin' fireworks. I don't know where that came from but I thought it was good enough to share. :-)

November 20, 2008 at 10:01 AM  
Anonymous Carla said...

We’re going to be moving sometime in the spring and I’m not looking forward to all the work involved. Ill have to take some advice from you! I don’t know if I could ever deal with owning a piano again wither. We have a 88 weighted keys Korg and its easy to take apart and move ourselves. I know its not the same as the
“real deal” though. I guess once we buy a home, it wont be such a big deal (not moving again anytime soon)

November 20, 2008 at 10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

valerie so good to see that you have finished moving in and I too am glad that you were able to be there for Gordan, to support him and make it thru this stressful time...I know how happy you must be - i can just see the fireworks from Arkansas!

November 20, 2008 at 7:29 PM  

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