Thursday, December 18, 2008

fushia thong (made you look)

A few days ago at the gym I had the pleasure of standing behind a fit little thing in the dressing room. As she disrobed she took great interest in her toes. Seemingly she had lots of lint between them and needed to tidy things up. The whole time I changed clothes she was bent over cleaning between her toes.

Her thong was fushia and I'd be remiss to not admit she wore it quite nicely and proudly. But the toe thing,... I got a little suspicious. I think she wanted me to see her cute butt and how fit she was. Truly it was a bit odd how long she stayed bent over with her butt as the main attraction.

Well once that suspicion kicked in, I could barely control my giggles. Everything in me wanted to tap her shoulder and say, "Excuse me, you've got something in your butt crack."

When I left her she was still toying with her toes. Sure she looked better in a fushia thong than I would, but I think I have the better time. "Excuse me, you've got something in your butt crack." I so amuse myself.



Anonymous *mindi* said...

what a weirdo.
you totally should have let her know she had something in her butt crack. :)

it reminds me of that joke that Herbie would tell about the woman at church who's dress was up in her butt, and when the man behind her pulled it out for her, she decked him. So he tucked it back in for her. :D

December 18, 2008 at 4:37 PM  

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