Friday, December 12, 2008

The Memory Tree

Christmas trees are a beautiful thing. I like to think of them as lights pointing heavenward. So many trees are majestically big and dynamic. Mine isn't huge, it's actually on the small side. (The tree was inexpensive which is why I bought it.) Yet still I wouldn't trade my Christmas tree for any beautiful tree in the world. My tree is 100% memories, precious memories. That's why I call it my memory tree.

One of our family traditions is getting a special family ornament every year that symbolizes something special about that year. For instance, this year I'll get a "New House 2008" ornament. Also, if something special happens in the lives of one the kiddos (or Gordon or me) I commemerate it with an ornament. For example, if I can find something symbolizing Deborah's baptism this year, I'll get it. Or my Canadian citizenship...

Here's a little history from our family.

The Memory Tree. 2008
Our angel topping the tree, handmade by our dear friends and pastors (the Wests) at Crossroads in 1996.
2002, the year of getting a new church. Zion.
The "first grandchild, 2007". The back of it tells the pertinent info on Romie Boy.
Mt Rushmore, 1991.
Deborah made this candle in Kindergarten, 2004.
That's my man Christopher, 4 years old, 1992.
The oldest ornament on the tree, from 1981. I bought it at my first job, Village Florist.
Deborah's first ornament, 1999.
2005, Gordon and I went away without kids for the first time ever. That's two moose in a bed if you can't tell.

"became a woman". 2007
The girls and I spent a month in the States in 2004. This is a smore holding a US flag, if you can't tell. I got it in North Carolina.
Stephanie and John Mark, 2006.
2008, a new little lady from Lawana. (It's red because of my big fat thumb over the flash.)
I bought this little angel in China when I smuggled Bibles in. 1991.
This picture is red because my hand was over the flash. It's actually a sepia colored globe and perhaps my favorite on the tree. From Stacie, "our love could easily stretch around the globe." 1998
2006, Family holiday at Capernwray Habour, Thetis Island. (The guy at the Christmas store misspelled Capernwray.)
The year of the girls' first airplane ride. 2001
Frodo, our perfect little dog who got run over. 2005
The Memory Tree. 2008 Doesn't it seem more special having heard some of its history? Of all my possessions, our pictures, my prayer journals and these ornaments are the most valuable.

Some of my favorites are plain ornaments that have pictures of the kids glued to the back. These are from years when finances were too lean to buy a special ornament.

(And you only heard the history of but a few of my ornaments.)

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Blogger Jones said...

very sweet. we have cats so no real tree and ornaments around here. everything is waaaaay up high nailed down to shelves.

December 12, 2008 at 6:10 PM  
Blogger Debbie T said...


December 13, 2008 at 5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Valerie i love the journey of your memory tree - super special and your girls look so (grown up) beautiful...

December 21, 2008 at 10:30 PM  

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