Friday, January 2, 2009

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I have an annoying habit of sending myself emails. Usually they are notes to remind me of something I need to do at work or at home depending on where I sent the email of course.

I subscribe to a number of blogs that challenge and encourage me. Through new posts come to me instead of me searching all my favorite blogs looking for updates. We all know how annoying that is. :) Wonderful helpful info just shows up for me to read at my leisure. Often times I just skim it yet other times there is some great info that I'm grateful to learn or be challenged to think about.

Presently my inbox is full of things from me to me and I need to dump them somewhere. Remember that this blog is my magnificent virtual filing cabinet serving me remarkably well as a record of stuff. So this is an email dump posting. These are links that I've emailed myself so I can store them here on this blog. Maybe you'll glean something from them too.

I love some of these quotes.

I love this picture and found this post a sweet meditation for Christmas. I should have linked to this last week as maybe one of you would have found it inspirational as well.

I love setting goals for each new year and I find doing so extremely beneficial. I think this post is really good for anyone who struggles with the particulars of making goals.

I am a journal-er. I write down tons of thoughts, feelings, prayers, etc. I told a friend recently that it is imperative that I write things down. If I didn't write things down I wouldn't know what I think. I feel things easily, but often until I write it out, I may not know what I think on the subject. For instance tonight was incredibly stressful for me. I thought my head was going to blow off with emotions. I needed to get my journal out ASAP to figure out what was going on. I'm not saying writing things down solves my problems but it goes a long long ways to give me perspective.

Several months ago I was terribly agitated by a meeting at work. I was tapped right out emotionally by the time it was over. That night as I dumped my feelings into my journal, God gave me incredible insight into why I got so agitated. I might still have heart palpitations to think of that meeting had it not been for journalling. Journalling saved the day and I cannot count the times that has happened. That is why this article is significant to me. The numbered points that he makes are so bang on for how I experience journaling.

Being a stay-at-home mom when my kids were little was one of the best choices/sacrifices I ever made. I haven't one regret in that department. I'm out of that stage of life now that the kids are bigger, but the subject matter is still near and dear to my heart. That is why this article is special.

As you may have deduced from my blog and other things I've said or done, I love simple living and am on a continual quest for simplicity. Articles like this one remind me of why I embrace it. They make me smile and think, "Yes, this is it!"

Similar to the above article, this one itemizes some of the benefits very succinctly.I love simplicity and this article lists many of the reasons why very well.

And here's just one more article on simplicity. The paragraph that mentions CS Lewis is the one that made this post especially noteworthy.

This article was good for me to see ways to reduce stress in home life. I'm still a nag in plenty of ways, (the article didn't cure me), but I found her observations clever and insightful.

And lastly, I emailed myself this quote: “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” - Mary Engelbreit

The reason this quote is presently striking a chord with me is simply this; winter. Right now it's -30 and it's just, well, it's cold. Several months ago a friend astonded me by saying that winter is her favorite season. Honestly, it had never occured to me that winter was anyone's favorite season. I was flabbergasted. Winter is my least favorite season which explains very logically why I moved 2500 miles north to live where it's winter nearly half the year. I love Canada but I wish it was a mite warmer. :)

This quote encourages me to change the way I think about winter. I'm trying to find things to enjoy and love and embrace about this cold white season. A few years ago I was able to change my thinking about mosquitoes. I still don't like them but I don't hate them passionately like I used to. If I can change my attitude toward mosquitoes I figure I can do it with winter too. I'm trying and this quote helps me.

So there you have it. This post went a long ways to cleaning out my inbox. There is a lot of good reading represented here. Let me know what you think.

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