Thursday, January 29, 2009

Status on 2009 Goals

January is over. Is it just me or did that go by quickly. I thought I'd assess my progress on my 2009 goals. I've listed the resolutions I made here and my success (or not) thus far.

1)- Give up fiction for January and Lent.
Status: I made it through January fiction-free.

2)- Give blood 4 times.
Status: No blood given yet.

3)- Clean up my recycling act. (My recycling has suffered since moving to a town that doesn't have the awesome recycling program Edmonton has.)
Status: I've done very well. It's been a grind as I've hauled my recycling to Edmonton all month. I work in the city, so this is really no big deal. Just hauling my blue bags around is a drag.

4)- Work towards running 10K. (This is my loftiest goal of the year.)
Status: I'm running two miles (about 3+ kilometers) a day three days a week. I am happy.

5)- Keep laundry current.
Status: I'm rocking. But I must admit it's all in the huge-capacity washer. I never want to go back to a normal-capacity.

6)- Keep bathroom floors clean.
Status: I'm doing well. It's not a job I cherish, but I'm staying on top of it.

7)- Keep up my Club Fit regimen and continue to intensify it.
Status: I'm doing well.

8)- Buy a new carbon steel paddle for dragon boating.
Status: I'm looking on the net, shopping around. But nothing yet.

9)- Buy a new PFD for dragon boating.
Status: I've looked on ebay hoping to find a used one. No luck yet.

10)- Get fence fixed.
Status: I've warned Gordon that it's important to me and that I will be nagging come the Big Melt. Of course nothing can happen before Spring. You know, that white fluffy stuff makes fence building ridiculously difficult this time of year.

11)- Drop melaleuca.
Status: Did it. I'll miss some of the stuff, but I'll save about $100 month.

12)- Lower grocery budget by $25 a pay period.
Status: This one is really hard. I succeeded one pay period and didn't the other. Perhaps this goal is going to be more difficult than I imagined.

13)- Work on Christmas Child Shoeboxes throughout the year.
Status: I am so rocking on this. I've got a box in my closet filled with my cache. Crayons, My Little Ponies, hair brushes, tiny little crafty things, little stuffies, soap... I want to have supplies for 12 boxes by Christmas time.

14)- Vacuum at least once a week.
Status: I'm doing well. But like my huge-capacity washer, it's all in the equipment. I have central vac now and I love it. This is the first time I've ever had central vac. It's still a novelty and I actually enjoy vacuuming. I know the thrill will wane. Sigh.

15)- Get to know new neighbors.
Status: Not happening so far.

16)- Build a website.
Status: I look around for what I like, but that's as far as that's gone.

17)- Take swimming lessons.
Status: I'm booked for April to June.

18)- Take square dancing lessons. (Don't laugh at me.)
Status: I looked for a club to join. None take new members mid-year. But I'm on the "please call when registrations open again" list. I'm already psyching Gordon up by calling him my Dosido Boy. Smiles.

19)- Blog more steadily; pace better. I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Status: Have you noticed? I'm right on target.

20)- Lose 20 pounds.
Status: You know this one really sucks. I exercise but don't lose weight. Must be all that eatin' I'm doing. Oh what I wouldn't give to hate pastries, cookies, chocolate, and every other kind of tasty foods. It would be so nice to be one of those people who have to remind themselves to eat. But I'm not. However, I have added a goal to my original 2009 Goals List. You'll read about it soon.

21)- Improve photography skills. Play along with Mindi's challenges.
Status: I'm working on it but was totally shocked to learn that many (perhaps most) photos I adore have been photoshopped. I was sad to learn that photoshop is very expensive and something I most likely will not invest in. My photos may never look amazing.

22)- Embrace winter.
Status: This one is so subjective, it's hard to measure. All I can say is I've not been growelly about it. So I think I'm not doing poorly.

23)- Read Deuteronomy and the Psalms.
Status: I'm right on schedule.

24)- Actively participate in my new book club.
Status: My bookclub's first book is fiction. A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. On February 1 I will begin it and try to catch up with my mates who are enjoying the book. :-)

25)- Practice thinking about what I'm thinking about. Meaning, clean up my thought life.
Status: Again, it's subjective and hard to measure. However several times when I've felt negativity taking over, I've changed my thoughts to something more positive. I read someone recently who said when something horrible happens they ask themselves, "What is awesome about this situation?" It takes lots of practice and training, but I'm trying to apply that idea.

Goals I've added since the original list are:

26) Join Weight Watchers. I am not happy about this as all my life I've thought of Weight Watchers as middle-aged fat ladies. Reality check!! Valerie, you are a middle aged fat lady. :-)

27) Volunteer at a Seniors' Home with Deborah and Hannah.
Status: I've filled out the forms, visited the volunteer recruitment fellow, and got the police check. We're well on our way.

28) Phone my daddy more often. Our relationship is far from the traditional father/daughter type. But I love him and don't want him to doubt that. I am going to call him more this year. (Thanks for the photo Lawana. I love it.)

30) Don't buy junk food, ever. I don't buy junk food often but when I do I make it worth my effort. I'm going to give it up. :-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am always so amazed by your determination, perserverance and the thought that you put into your goals... I love your courage - swim lessons, square dance, your humor and your sincerity.

February 3, 2009 at 9:18 PM  
Blogger Miss Sandy said...

Wow, those are some goals and they exhaust me! I love that you are sticking to your guns on them, I think many on that list would have been ditched by me by now! Much success as you persevere.

February 13, 2009 at 2:14 PM  
Blogger Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Jumping up and down, cheering you on for those amazing goals! :-)


February 16, 2009 at 8:48 PM  

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