Friday, February 13, 2009

A Friday Few

Good Morning All. I have missed you and am happy that at least two people missed me. Lawana and Joan, thank you for encouraging me to get on with it even without a new website in place.

1) The website creation crashed and burned. I tried and will keep trying, but for now I've got nothing to show for my efforts. I get one step forward then go two back. You get the idea, right?

2) Deborah has pink hair. Last week it was purple. Thankfully, it's fading with every shampoo. She's participating in the Hair MassaCURE for cancer. She didn't get a buzz cut, for which I'm happy, but she did get a dye job. I'm calling her Pinky these days.

3) I spent 3 days in meetings training people who work in major slaughter houses about bacteria, safety procedures, legalities, yada, yada. This is not part of my regular job but my bosses thought it would be beneficial for me to take in these courses to grasp some of the aspects of our association that I have no understanding. They were 3 very long, depressing days. I had no clue that the big guys in processing put through 10,000 hogs or cows daily. That's 10,000 animals per day per plant. And that's just locally. I was sick with sadness. My vegetarian leanings got strengthened.

I do not think everyone should drop meat from their diets, but I do think everyone should cut back.

4) Gordon, Deborah and I went out to a family restaurant where they give children crayons and a coloring sheet. As we waited for our food, Gordon started coloring. As he progressed on the picture I asked if he was going to enter it in the restaurant's coloring contest. He studied his art then said, "No, they don't have the right colors."



Blogger Jones said...

welcome back, i've missed you! as always, i enjoy your family stories. that Gordon sounds like quite a guy. i get his humour. must be the dutch thing. we're quite the funny ones. not everyone thinks so but we do.

February 13, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

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